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Alnafiz Healthcare

We specialize in a range of services encompassing technology, detection, prevention, and treatment. With our comprehensive network of professionals and cutting-edge facilities, we are committed to delivering exceptional medical care and consultation.

Pioneering Healthcare Infrastructure Development

Building health, one infrastructure at a time. Choose Alnafiz. Elevating healthcare through superior infrastructure.
Project Contracts: Every great healthcare facility begins with meticulous planning. Alnafiz crafts bespoke contracts for medical centers, hospitals, clinics, and more, setting the blueprint for excellence.
Compliance and Regulations: In the evolving landscape of healthcare, adhering to regulations is paramount. Our experts ensure that each facility, be it a laboratory or a blood bank, meets the highest standards of compliance.
Investment Management: Strategize, invest, and prosper. With Alnafiz's deep sector insights, we drive optimal investment solutions for all healthcare infrastructures, ensuring sustainable growth and forward momentum.
Alnafiz Laboratories is a renowned network specializing in the detection, monitoring, and management of medical studies. Equipped with cutting-edge equipment and staffed by highly skilled professionals, our laboratories ensure accurate and timely test results. We offer a wide range of diagnostic services, including pathology, radiology, genetics, and microbiology, enabling precise diagnosis and personalized treatment plans.


Alnafiz extends its expertise beyond traditional healthcare services, offering both industrial and personal consulting. Our skilled consultants collaborate with individuals, businesses, and organizations to provide valuable insights and guidance in the medical field. Whether it's healthcare facility planning, strategic management, or personal health consultations, our consulting services empower our clients to make informed decisions and achieve their healthcare goals.

Medical Centers

Our medical centers are designed to provide comprehensive healthcare services, catering to the diverse needs of our patients. With a team of experienced physicians, specialists, and healthcare professionals, we offer a broad spectrum of medical treatments and therapies. Whether it's primary care, specialized consultations, or advanced procedures, our medical centers prioritize patient well-being and provide personalized care.

Medical Practice

Alnafiz proudly operates a vast network of doctors and clinics under our brand. Our affiliated physicians and clinics uphold our commitment to excellence in patient care. With diverse expertise and specialties, our medical practitioners provide personalized attention and evidence-based treatments. By maintaining stringent quality standards, we ensure that patients receive exceptional medical care at every stage of their journey.